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Personal data and how they are used

1. When you register with Withink* you will be asked to enter some personal information such as a) your Name, Profession (optional), and b) your E-mail address, both of which are necessary for your identification as well as to notify you of our new products, upcoming events or the status of your purchase (you deny Notifications by clicking the appropriate box in the "YOUR ACCOUNT" page). You will also be asked to provide your Home or Business address and your Mobile telephone number or Work telephone number, both of which are needed by DHL Courier Services to deliver potential orders. Please note that your personal data (a & b) is solely for communication purposes and will not be shared with third parties.

2. During Login you will be asked to enter either via Google E-mail & Password or via your Facebook account. In the later case, which we recommend, Withink asks Facebook to access your friend's list in order for them to have access to your Wishlist if they want to buy an item you have placed in it. If you chose, your Wishlist can appear on your personal Facebook page so that your friends ca see what you'd like to have. You can always keep your Wishlist private (Wishlist > Private / Public) in whish case you can only see your Wishlist.

2. The operation of our e-shop is governed by the current Greek and EE legislature; it safe-keeps your personal data for as long as you remain a registered member of Withink.
This data is erased the moment you choose to unsubscribe from our membership list. The personal data you register with us is used solely for the support, promotion and fulfilment of your order. 

3. Data from our databases can only be disclosed to legal, police and other administrative authorities at their lawful request and as required by the legislation at the time of the incident. Within the framework of the legislation on confidentiality in telecommunications, the Customer retains the rights of information and objection as per articles 11-13 of law No 2472/1997. 

4. You can request for your personal data to be removed from our archives by clicking the "Contact us" button, on the left of your screen. Also, you should know that all of the data you've entered into our site will be erased once you delete your account (Your account > Delete your account).
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