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A case study

This book is without a doubt unique in the way that it attempts to narrate a journey. 
With Maruschka we had long conversations as to which could be the best way to equate the reading experience with that of the journey itself, in order to offer to the reader the same wealth of emotions and impressions that a journey offers to the traveller. Eight months and about 1.000 (!) hours later, our book was out to the public eye. 

We don't know if we've succeeded in matching the reading experience with that of the journey itself; after all, this wasn't to be an easy task. However, the following remark by a reader "I keep reading this book over and over again and the experience is never the same!" indicates that we may have. You see, journeys, and experiences in general, never stay intact in our memory but are always connected to our current emotional state, which is perhaps why we seem to take different mental paths every time we try to recall the same memory. 

This is why the artworks accompanying the written narration, are sometimes dramatic and realistic while other times are poetic and dreamlike, sometimes inline and sometimes contradictive to the narration. Their aim is to widen the perception of the context and lead to an emotional deconstruction before the mind allows itself to reconstruct a new mental map.

Great satisfaction gives us the fact that, by reading or flipping through this book, the reader does not comprehend the complexity of the layout, or the difficulty of incorporating so many different illustrations without creating a visual clatter, or an illegible optical mosaic. Instead, the reader is introduced to a world of mental stimulants, seemingly chaotic but eventually forming an indivisible body of emotions and memories which only a journey (and sometimes a book about a journey!) can offer.

Lastly, the greatest satisfaction for me personally, derives from the fact that this work is undoubtedly an ode to Time, the only factor capable of merging the so many different aspects composing this book, into one undivided body of work.

nibo 2012

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The traveller / The vehicle / The route / The book

Α road trip book, from Chicago to L.A., on the once longest US highway, now Historic Route 66

Written & Photographed
by Maruschka Triantari
Art directed & Illustrated by nibo
Pages: 128
Size: 19x24cm
Cover: Double / Soft
Print: Offset
Colours: Full (CMYK)
Edition: 2012
Language: Greek

Honourable Mention
EBGE Awards 2013
Illustration category

EUR 20,00
VAT 24% included
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