GICLEE & Digital Prints

This is a selection of nibo's digitally hand-drawn sketches from the Sketchbook Series folder created on Facebook in 2011. The sketches tackle various philosophical, social and political issues at a universal level. They try to depict the moral principles and axioms that govern the social behaviour of the members of all societies, by looking at issues common to all people such as fear, guilt, insecurity, low self-respect, lack of purpose, social behaviour etc. The aim of this work is to offer guidance and a sense of confidence, especially to young people such as students, who can feel overwhelmed or lost by the sudden changes in their lives. 

Pick a sketch with a message you'd like to remember and put it on a narrow wall (WC's are good!) or a column, in the house or in the office. It will uplift you and offer sanity as well as a sense of belonging.

GICLEE & Digital Prints

Sketchbook Series

Sketchbook Series
34 framed digital prints

Unlimited edition
Size: 19x14cm (with frame)
Print colours: Full colour
Paper: Matte 180 g
Print method: Digital
Frame: White or Black satin / Glass
Packaging: Envelope or gift box
Designer: nibo
EUR 18,00 EUR 14,40
VAT 24% included
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