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Meager Means is about the resilience and resourcefulness of humans during harsh times and poverty. Represented here with the ever so crudely hammered nail showcasing the ever so useful, even poetic potentials of the wire. A Series intended to keep reminding us to be humble, creative and persistent with the life we have.

The nail and the wire must be the two most useful and versatile tools ever coined. My grandfather, a Mechanical Engineer, always had a wire bun hanging from a nail by the exit door of his workshop, just in case something needed urgent fixing. This image of the nail and the wire are carved into my memory until today, so I now give it back, with an added emotion!
CAUTION: This not an actual wire hanging by a nail. It is a mear 2D (flat) drawing.

Giclée printing is a process that uses fade-resistant, archival inks and archival substrates to print on large format printers (estimated to last over 200 years without significant fading). It is the next best print to silkscreen and when signed and numbered is considered highly collectable.

Limited Edition Series: 1/100 copies, numbered and signed.

GICLEE & Digital Prints

Meager Means Series

2019 10 giclée prints
Signed & numbered

Limited edition: 1/100

Size (with frame): 30x30 cm
Print method: Giclée
Print colours: Octachrome (Κ100)
Paper: Ultra White Matte 170g
Frame: Ayous natural wood / Black satin / Glass
Frame width: 2 cm
Packaging: Gift box
Designer: nibo
EUR 45,00
VAT 24% included
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